3D visualization of interior, exterior, subject

Interior visualization - 10$ per square meter.
Exterior rendering from 500$. (with surroundings - from 700$.)

RealTime interior visualization in Unreal Engine 5 - 12$ per square meter.
RealTime exterior rendering in Unreal Engine 5 from 500$ (with surroundings - from 700$)

A visualizer is not a designer or an architect, it is a worker who performs a clearly defined task. Project visualization is the last stage of the project before the start of construction or renovation work. Just like the worker, the designer must provide the visualizer with:

For interior:

  1. Furniture estimate
  2. Estimate for materials
  3. Room layout
  4. Layout with arrangement of furniture and materials

For exterior:

  1. Building drawing
  2. Drawing of the surrounding area
  3. Estimate for finishing materials
  4. Photo of the environment or geolocation

The visualizer does not select furniture “to match the style and tone of the photograph”; this is the task of the designer or architect. A visualizer is a performer who works according to a clear assignment and budget, visualizes the project at the final stage before the start of repair/construction to identify problems that were invisible at the design stage and to create marketing materials.

One package of edits is included after performing the visualization according to the specification. customer.

Additional edits are charged separately and individually.