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Video invitation to the 3ds Max Course in Thailand.

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Making of

About the video:

This video actively used 3D tracking, keying, 3D character animation, color correction, 3D modeling, texturing and 3D visualization.
Part of the video was shot on a green screen with markers, for static shots - without.
During post-processing and compositing the following effects were added: depth of field (based on zdepth map), motion blur and color correction.

The main difficulty was covering up the white markers, as I had to do it manually, and tracking the camera movement, as the markers were only in the background. For the future, we came to good conclusions that the markers should be made either green of a different shade, or blue, but not white, and you also need to install a couple of columns with markers closer to the camera.

As they say, you learn from mistakes. We are glad that we have made some progress in lighting arrangement, post-processing, image stabilization and we hope that the next projects will not keep you waiting and will be of even higher quality.

About the intensive:

On October 27, the most comprehensive course on architectural visualization and, attention, animation starts.
Because The 3D visualization market is developing rapidly, the ability to make beautiful renders is no longer enough for serious customers or is not profitable for performers. If you want to learn 3d visualization in 3ds Max from scratch and stand head and shoulders above 98% visualizers, watch the video and read the details on the website.

“Hello, Andrey Kozlov is with you. If you are watching this video, most likely you are interested in 3D visualization, in particular architectural visualization.
Perhaps you are new to this field or have been in it for a while. I've been doing 3D graphics for 11 years now and I want to share with you the experience that I have accumulated over the years of working on special effects, games and architectural projects. I worked as a modeler, visualizer, animator, manager and, as a result, now I am the head of my own 3D visualization and special effects studio. I am sure that this information will be interesting and disproportionately useful to you. For example:
1) How to do large-scale projects on a weak computer?
2) How can rendering be 4 times cheaper without having your own render farm?
3) Where can I get such large-scale projects and where do I get them?
4) Naturally, we will analyze all the stages of creating a project from modeling to final visualization and post. processing.
5) Let's look at the secrets of photorealism
6) Adding people
7) Animation
8) animation rendering
И много другого интересного 😉

You can get all this interesting information in 2 weeks in Thailand.
I invite you to a 2-week intensive course, which will take place far from routine, work and everyday life. Here you will fall in love with the profession of 3D visualizer, it will become your hobby. Half the day you will do your hobby, the other half of the day you will lie on the beach, diving, swimming and sunbathing. nothing will distract you or throw you off, you will be able to completely immerse yourself in learning something new and interesting for yourself. We will meet and exchange experiences during the daytime, when there is practically nothing to do outside, in a comfortable air-conditioned room not far from the hotel. To sign up or find out more details, go to
Andrey Kozlov was with you, thank you for your attention and see you again.

Seminar on creating an interior from start to finish at MGHPU named after. Stroganov.

I would call it: “A seminar that abruptly turned into a lecture.”

When we, together with the students, had already modeled the interior and installed V-Ray Sun, it turned out that the network educational license for V-Ray did not work and V-Ray refused to render. Only those who came with their laptops were able to continue; the rest began to record.

Interestingly, there are currently 6 generations of students studying at the university (6 years each). These are hundreds, or even thousands of students, and the fact that the designer’s main tool does not work in a university computer lab is very strange. For 6 years, not a single student in the computer class used V-Ray?

There were also positive moments. No one limited our time. Therefore, I was able to calmly answer all the students’ questions and even show them with an example.

Teacher Nadezhda Nikolaevna is a great fellow for organizing this event, a very nice woman. At the end she said that they would definitely sort out V-Ray and invite me again.